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All we agent competinglenders.co.uk, I hope you are satisfied with the quality of his device
If you are not satisfied for any reason we happily accepted within 30 days of your return.
Returns are wear-free, you can get the state and in the original packaging.

Create a return
Access to some of the order (if you order) command, or by logging in (user registration).
- Guest: Please enter your email and order number of the access order history
- Registered users, login to your account. From my account, I click on the order, and find one that contains the objects (S), order number, returns Click on the "payoffs" link and follow the instructions to complete your return. You will need these items (S) and choose Back in September Return. - If the device is not correct, "Please stay clear failure of the product.
Download, print and online from the outside of the request further back than the new tag.
- If you forget to print labels, or if you have lost your label, you can view the order (step 1), point to what has been returned to the connection is restored

Note: If you are returning to more than one, the only option is to continue the first in the series. When you have completed this return, return to step 2 and repeat the process to get back on board for each set.

Grab your return
You can or bag you get, or regular, unmarked cardboard boxes to be re-used again. Make sure that all the old labels, stickers and other materials have been removed.

Close safely.
The online collection of your return label to return at all.

Products have a responsibility until they reach our warehouse, so make sure that they are packaged, can not be damaged during transport. We recommend to get proof of posting.

When you get out of your return or get arrested, please allow 4-5 business days, your earnings reach the warehouse.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact customer service.

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